Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tee Cee's Disco Ecstasy

Here is a sexy 1978 disco cut entitled "Ecstasy" by the group The Tee Cee's that I've been getting into a lot lately. This song is from the groups only album, Disco Love Bite, which was written and produced by Trevor Rabin formerly of the prog-rock band Yes. The song like, almost all of their tracks, is based on erotic moaning played over a danceable disco groove, which what's not to love about that. I pretty much fell in love with the track half way through the first listen. The title track, "Disco Love Bite" tends to recieve a bit more attention, however "Ecstasy" tends to be my personal favorite. A classic disco release from a former member of Yes. Who would of thought?

The Tee Cee's - Ecstasy

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dhp said...

your blog is bonkers, homie--keep it up!

Andy said...

Any disco tracks with heavy breathing or moaning are an instant hit with me! ;-)

Anonymous said...

This was before his Yes-period, actually. He became a Yes guitarist in the early 1980s on '90125'. His guitar play on this one is quite similar to 'Owner of a lonely heart', I think. I like 'Owner of a lonely heart', but I like this track as well. The moaning is great! :-)

Anonymous said...

this is a dangerous track... thanks!