Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tonight, I Feel Like Dancing

A song that has been rotating a lot lately through my various music players (turntable, Ipod, Car Stereo, etc.) has been France Joli's 1979 disco classic "Feel Like Dancing". I've been a fan of this song for quite sometime, however I was recently able to track down Joli's 1979 Tonight LP which features the song. As far as the album goes, I definitely think "Feel Like Dancing" is the best track and I'm kind of shocked that it wasn't the featured single off the record. Regardless, France Joli has definitely released some classic material including 1979's "Come to Me", however for me, "Feel Like Dancing" is the track that moves me the most.

France Joli - Feel Like Dancing

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plaidmusic said...

amazing track.i ve been into your blog long time now and i think it's time i should make a coment on how good your work is.Every track is a disco delight.As D Train said Keep On!

RayRay said...

This is by far her best song, in my opinion. After the second chorus, when the bass goes into a different groove and the lyrics are simply "party," the song is just killer. Thanks for posting this!

professor Eddy said...

Another great track, although 'Come to me' is a fine one as well, I think.

Anonymous said...

Also, try "Your Good Lovin'" from the 1982 "Now!" LP. Producers Eric Matthew and Darryl Payne did a wonderfully funky job.

I'm impressed by France because she cut good records with several producers across a number of styles - even House, in her 1997reunion with Tony Green ("Touch.")