Friday, August 15, 2008

Gotta Get It

Well, Because it's 'Hot'........outside, I thought I would post this smooth 'cool down' classic, "Gotta Get It" from the Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra. Like I've said in earlier posts, I've been really getting into Mr. Valor as of late, and one of the records that is at the top of my wish list is the Gotta Get It LP which came out in 1975. This record has a nice combination of Valor on the producing end and legend Tom Moulton doing the mixing. Overall, if your into The Salsoul Orchestra, Vince Montana Jr., or any other Valor project like Touch and Soccer I highly recommend hunting down a copy of Gotta Get It.

Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra - Gotta Get It

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff!!! Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

lovely and bubbly


Anonymous said...

I looking for this since i was 13 back in mid 70's.Cons for your blog and thanx.

Anonymous said...

One day i will fly over from the UK and come to Studio, this will be my theme tune as i walk in, you had better watch out !!!

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