Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mr. Davis & The Monster Orchestra

Lately I've been getting into John Davis & The Monster Orchestra and the records he released from the mid to late 1970's. I became interested in Mr. Davis when I came across a used copy of his 1978 twelve inch single "Ain't That Enough For You" a while back. I remember at the time I picked up the record, I also bought many other classic disco records by many other artist and for some reason the twelve inch single kind of got shelved before I had a chance to really absorb the record, which does happen at times, especially when you buy as many records as I do. Anyways, a couple weeks ago I was sorting through some of the records that I hadn't listen to for quite sometime and I came across the John Davis single and decided to take a better look at the single, especially since it is my collection. And after I had sometime to sit down and listen to it, I realized how great the song is and couldn't understand why I sat on it for so long. Ever since, I've been checking out many other John Davis & The Monster Orchestra songs with much delight, discovering some real disco gems in the proccess. Now I'm finding myself on a quest to collect more of his music, especially his 1979 LP The Monster Strikes Again which features the amazing "Love Magic" and the Ashford & Simpson cover of "Bourgie' Bourgie'", as well as the full-length LP of Ain't That Enough For You with came out back in 1978. Overall, it was nice to go through my own collection and find some unplayed hidden classics laying around. It's like going to record store I suppose in your own living room.

John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Ain't That Enough For You

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professor Eddy said...

Very good music! I hadn't heard this one before. I like his 'Up jumped the devil' album as well. I read somewhere that he wrote the score for Beverley Hills 90210 in the 1990s.

RayRay said...

A bona-fide classic. "Love Magic," which came out in 1979, is equally good.