Monday, September 08, 2008

More Mucho Macho

Here is another rare Macho cut, this time "You Got Me Running" from the 1980 album Roll. First off, I'll just say that as a whole, I don't think this record even stands up to there classic 1978 debut I'm A Man. That being said the record has a couple of classic tracks including "You Got Me Running", as well as "Got To Make A Move" and "Montreal". You can tell that as the 1970's were ending and disco as a genre was somewhat dying out, as far as in the mainstream, Macho, which consists of Mauro Malavasi along with co-producer Celso Valli, where experimenting with there sound, using a lot more distorted and gritty guitar riffs. However, not all was lost, as the album cut's of both "You Got Me Running" and "Got To Make A Move" have become two of my many favorite tracks by the group. Even though I think the record is a considerable drop-off from their debut, I still think the record contains some lesser known hidden gems worth owning.

Macho - You Got Me Running
Macho - Got To Make A Move

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Bubbles said...

Wow! You got me running is fantastic. It has a great complex bassline, and the string arrangement is beautiful. The gritty electric guitar definately adds a whole other level to the tune.

Mr B said...

I agree, great bass work

guitars are defintitely pop actually, MJ could have had fun on this one..