Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Body To Body Boogie

I'm in a bit of a funky down-tempo mood, so today I think I'll post O.R.S.'s (Orlando Riva Sound) 1978 disco classic "Body To Body Boogie". The original track was the self-titled track to their Salsoul Records released album. The Body To Body Boogie record also featured other great cuts including "Sweet Release", "Dream Machine", as well as the Tom Moulton mixed classic "Moon Boots". In my opinion, O.R.S. tended to have one of the more unique sounds when it came to most of the 'usual' Salsoul groups. That being said the group, in a short amount of time, was able to produce some classic disco cuts including "Body To Body Boogie".

O.R.S. - Body To Body Boogie

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trees said...

the download limit has been reached, my friend. love your blog, hope you're well.

Anonymous said...

you are over your limit maaaan
try zshare :)

Pat Les Stache said...

The mp3 is now available!!!

professor Eddy said...

This is so cool! The bridge of song sounds a little like 'Night fever', but I fell in love with it the first time I heard it.

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing blog.

Thank you.

Shawn Ryan said...

Thanks man! Last time I was in your region, I scored a promo of Moon Boots in Portland. ORS tracks have really aged gracefully. They still sound solid in 2008 without any editing.