Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Inside the Lost Disco Library

Here is a very interesting and creative new release from the great guys over at that I highly recommend checking out. Basically they got together a bunch of unreleased disco library music and had it re-edited by some of today's best disco producers. Here's the 'official' story told by the guys at

"A whole album of never-heard original disco, lovingly retouched by the world’s finest remixers. In 1979 the cream of French and British session musicians gathered to record some of the most scorching disco music ever committed to vinyl. As a series of ‘Disco & Co’ albums on the Tele Music library label, this ended up as radio talk-show sound-beds and backing music for car chases on French cop shows. Le Sweeney, anyone? The few copies that slipped out were highly prized: today an original copy of the Arpadys LP goes for £300, if you can find one. As a service to disco, DJhistory has unearthed the original tapes and recruited an all-star cast of splicing fingers – The Unabombers, Ray Mang, The Idjut Boys, Leo Zero, Mudd, Al Kent, Faze Action, Mudd and Toby Tobias – to polish them up for today’s dancefloors. The results speak for themselves."

And to get you hooked on this record, here is Faze Action's funky re-edit of "Disco Free".

Le Disco: Tele Music - Disco Free (Faze Action Re-edit)

To listen to more samples and purchase the record, visit's record shop.

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