Friday, December 19, 2008

Best Disco Release of 2008?

I was looking to do another blog survey, and as this is the end of 2008, I thought I would do a "Best Nu Disco Release". However before I put down the selections to vote on, I want to hear what the readers of this blog think. So that being said, please leave a comment of your choice for "Best Nu Disco Release". This can include re-edit twelve inches! I look forward to reading everyone's picks!

(Disclaimer: 'Nu Disco', I guess is what they are calling 'New Disco Productions' these days, call it whatever you want)

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Anonymous said...

For me it has to be one of my favorite Disco Divas, Evelyn champagen King: The Dance (Evelyn ''Champagne'' King Vs. Soul Seekerz Import Mix).

By the way... it's christmas time! I expected to see Montana Sextet's christmas LP here (can't remeber the name).


Anonymous said...

For me everything from the Permanet Vacation Label.
For examble: Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost extended disco dub)
Great Track

The greatest Lover

pipecock said...

i'm not sure if i bought anything that would be considered "nu disco" at all this year!

Anonymous said...

My personal favorite would be Bakazou - Yellow Fever (Reverso 68 mix). I believe it was released in 2007 on a limited edition pressing, but online in 2008.

If you haven't got this already, you should download it now.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for the Keep Schtum edit of Odyssey's Hang Together.. That one is so well constructed. Other Keep edits are nice as well. Apart from that, Aeroplane has been releasing great remixes. That Grace Jones' William Blood track is a killer.

Anonymous said...

Yep! Williams Blood is killer!


Anonymous said...

Aeroplane stuff is all through the top 10 but I can't stay away from the Terje edits of Illusion by Imagination and Diamonds by Paul Simon.

Anonymous said...

mugwump - boutade

Anonymous said...

The Cosmic Jam mix of Williams Blood.. the COMBI edit of "It a Late", the Pete Herbert edit of Don't Let Go.. all felt very nice to me in 2008

Nelson Gomes said...

aeroplane stuff.
night flight_ the revenge
Italians do it better
Eskimo releases
Permanet Vacation releases
Take me_ Rubberroom (Disco Devil)
Holy ghost!
and so many more

Anonymous said...

jeanne shy: night dancer (the beat broker dub), bumrocks

new one:
alden tyrell & david vunk: lord of the cockrings, moustache

Jacob said...

jacques renault rvng 12"

Anonymous said...

1) The Restricted Access remix of Teddy Pendergrass "You're My latest greatest Inspiration"

2) Piloooski's edit of the Pointer Sister's - Send Him Back

3) Pilooski re-edit of Nina Simone's Take Care of Business

4)McEdits - You Can do It (One way)

5) Reel Soul's Re-edit -- You Got a Friend by Donnie

David Ballester said...

6th Borough Project - Just A Memory, which is an edit of Hi-Gloss - You'll Never Know. A must have. Chack it out here: