Friday, December 19, 2008

You Never Loved Me

I was excited to recently pick up a copy of Ava Cherry's 1980 LP Ripe !!!. This, in my opinion, is the best album this artist has released to date. The record was produced by Curtis Mayfield and contains many great tracks including "I Just Cant Shake The Feeling", "You Never Loved Me", "Love Is Good News", and "Where There's Smoke There's Fire". I didn't really care so much for her music after this release, however that being said, I highly recommend picking up the Ripe !!! LP if you happen to find a used copy of it.

Ava Cherry - You Never Loved Me

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Keep up to date on our adventures. said...

I also picked this up a while back - mostly just for the cover and the production credits - great LP and good post. Thanks

Mr B said...

gosh..... that hurts! one of the MORE BOUNCY BASS EVER HEARD

big thanks!! got my copy on the way yet!