Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Disco Treat For You

A song that I've been enjoying this holiday season (while stuck indoors because of snow, I might add) is Martin Circus's 1979 disco classic "I've Got A Treat". This funky track was featured as one of the singles off of the album Shine Baby Shine, which was the follow-up release to the popular classic Disco Circus record. Circus's Shine Baby Shine LP, seems to be a looked-over classic, especially because of the how popular "Disco Circus" turned out to be within most disco clubs of the late 1970's. That being said, I say check out both classic LP as they both feature some solid disco gems.

Martin Circus - I've Got A Treat

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1 comment:

CJS said...

This song cuts off at the 2:38 mark right in the middle of the perc solo.
Anyway, I dig your stuff.