Tuesday, December 02, 2008

If You Ain't Lovin' Me...

Even though I've always enjoyed The Jones Girls' funky 1979 classic "You're gonna make me love somebody else", lately I have found a new rejuvenated love for the song as it's been in constant rotation on my daily ipod playlists. This classic cut was produced by MFSB's Gamble & Huff and was included on The Jones Girls'(which consists of three sisters) self-titled debut LP. In my opinion, this is The Jones Girls' best overall track and one of the many great releases that captures the funkier disco side of Philadephia during the late 1970's.

The Jones Girls - You're gonna make me love somebody else

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professor Eddy said...

They sing like angels! Another funky classic of them is of course 'Nights over Egypt'. My personal favorite is their ballad 'Who Can I Run to?'

Unknown said...

Oh my god. The 12" version!!! TJ, you rock. I've been looking for a digital copy of this for years. Thanks so much.