Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Smile...If You Can Feel It

Since we've been discussing some of the best disco re-edits over the past year, I thought I would post one of my personal favorites in Joie Noire's re-edit of Hi Voltage's 1979 rare funky classic "Smile". Noire, whom I've heard is rumored to possibly be Joey Negro (however haven't been able to confirm) does a really solid job re-working the John Schroeder produced original. The edit was featured on one of this year's D-Classics' re-edit twelve-inches. Enjoy!

Hi Voltage - Smile (Joie Noire Re-edit)

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Unknown said...

DELICIOUS Smile's Re-Edit! It's Funk Time! :D



Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Stache

enjoying your blog

Joie Noire is Blackjoy

d-classics rock!