Friday, January 09, 2009

Always Keep a Light Shining

If your as big of a fan of The Joubert Singers classic "Stand On The Word" than you'll love this 1978 gospel disco classic titled "I'll Keep A Light In My Window" by The New York Community Choir. This was one of the standout tracks on the groups Make Everday Count LP. The track, along with the entire record, was written by Arthur Freeman and Benny Diggs of the 70's disco group Revelation. "I'll Keep A Light In My Window", as a song, I find to be very addicting and uplifting. If you want to break a dancefloor down, this might be the cut you've been looking for.

The New York Community Choir - I'll Keep A Light In My Window

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David Ballester said...

A true classic!
I always enjoyed this one. Another one of my gospel favourites is You Put A Smile On My Face (Keep On Smiling) by Black Masses. Housegospel from '94. Did you hear that one?

pipecock said...

i just got this one recently on that 4 track 12" by NYCC, i love it. though i think i prefer "express yourself" slightly, they definitely did some nice yet very different funky disco music.