Friday, February 13, 2009

Love From The People

One of the best new records of 2009, which was just released in time for Valentines Day, is The Popular People's Front's new record the Love EP. This new 'love-themed' record continues along the same brilliance as The Popular People's Front's previous records with four solid tracks including my personal favorite, "Church Love", which is great re-edit by Leo Zero of The New York Community Choir's 1977 classic cut "Express Yourself. However, not to be ignored are the other supporting tracks "My Baby Stays Out All Night Long", "Keep Doin' Your Dance", and "Man Love". Like the other the group's other records, this twelve-inch EP will move very fast so I highly recommend picking up a copy. Here's a sample (for a few days only) to get you hooked!

Leo Zero - Church Love
(The New York Community Choir - Express Yourself Re-edit)


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Keep up to date on our adventures. said...

What a fantastic rework of Express Yourself. What's the other track Leo Zero has used?
Thanks for this - I'll get the EP for sure.

David Ballester said...

Requesting help from bloggers all around: Any one who knows what's happened to the lovefingers blog?

Groove said...

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opened its doors today.

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Best regards

Anonymous said...

to disco dave-

check out this thread found on dreamchimney: