Monday, March 09, 2009

Disco Congo Dance

Here is an upbeat 'tropical disco' gem by King Errison titled "Disco Congo". This disco influenced afro-jazz cut was released in 1977 on Mr. Errison's L.A. Bound LP which was produced by the funky tag team of Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey, as well as mixed by Tom Moulton. As you might imagine, this track features some of the funkiest disco-flavoured conga chops you could ever want. That being said, however, I don't think the track will appeal to all disco lover's, with certain portions of the song getting lost in some traditionally rooted Caribbean instrumentation. However, this funky gem should be received fairly well from those that enjoy that warmer 'tropical-disco' sound, that I personally enjoy so much. Hope you enjoy!

King Errison - Disco Congo

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Troy said...

I nearly bought this a year or so ago when looking for another errison release 12" Space Queen. which if you haven;t heard it is one of his best tracks and one of my favourite all timers. what prevented me from buying LA bound was the caribbean elements that were too much for me although thats a crying shame as the basss and conga hooks are amazing... re-edit written all over it ;)