Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cabana Disco Vol.02 in Stores Now!

I'm excited to announce that the second installment of Cabana Disco is now out in stores! The twelve-inch record consists of four "tropical disco" edits including John Davis & The Monster Orchestra's funky disco classic "Ain't That Enough For You", Shîtan's hot and sexy "Disco Shîtan part I & II", Nightlife Unlimited's cocktail grooving "Love is in You", and a afro-flavoured reworking of The Michael Zager Band's "Soul to Soul". There's a little something for all disco lovers. Please let me know what you think of the new record. The record should start showing up in all the usual dj-record hot spots in the coming week, if not there already. Enjoy!

BUY RECORD - Juno Records
BUY RECORD - Phonica Records
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Pat Les Stache - Just Enough For The Stuffing
(Re-edit of John Davis & The Monster Orchestra's "Ain't That Enough for You" which is featured on the Cabana Disco Vol.02 12")

PS - Cabana Disco Vol.03 will be coming out this summer with new re-edits of John Ozila's "Funky Boogie" and Kabbala's "Ashewo Ara". It's definitely shaping out to have a nice Afro and Latin disco feel! Will share some these tracks soon.

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Mark Boon said...

Dear TJ, do you know when the digital download will be available for purchase at Thanks for the music and greets from the Netherlands!

Pat Les Stache said...

That's a bit unknown at this point. I haven't decided to release just some of the tracks for download or the entire thing? Either way, if I did, it will probably be after a few weeks have passed so that people will hopefully first buy the record.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks for checking in.

professor Eddy said...

Well, this sounds like John Davis on speed... ;-) Nice on, Pat!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Love, love it. I've never been introduced to so much good music anywhere else. Please never stop!

Pat Les Stache said...

Prof Eddy, I love your simply discription. That's basically what I was going for with that edit. I always found that there where too many breaks and drawn out parts, to my liking, when I played the original out. I was going for a condensed "hit-it-and-quite-it" dancefloor shaker.

Glad you enjoy it!

thyBigfoot said...

I realy like your re-edit. Would be great for some other disco songs too, which do very well also without refrains...

Mr B said...

Hi Pat

you are a DISCO HEROE, yes indeed

I can´t wait for the vol.3 and Afro disco

to have this one as a digital release would be great too

thanks for your superb blog and work