Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lovin' the Disco Harmony

At home sick today, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Here is a couple of tracks, "Feeling Love" and "Discorgan", from L.E.B. Harmony's 1978 rare disco album "Disco Boogie". It's safe to say that this record was well ahead of it time, setting some of the foundation for the whole "cosmic-nu-disco" sound that artists like Lindstrom, Peter Visti, and the Full Pupp label have perfected so nicely. I find that this record is extremely hard-to-find and can cost a pretty penny. That being said, if you happen to be lucky enough to come across the record and you have some extra cash on hand, then this might be a high priced record that's well worth buying. Enjoy!

L.E.B. Harmony - Feeling Love
L.E.B. Harmony - Discorgan

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Anonymous said...

this is a big big piece of shit !!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic tune! Never knew who made this wonderful track till I visited your blog! Thank you so much for all your efforts. Your blog is just terrific !!!! Go ahead !!
Reza from Berlin, Germany