Monday, May 18, 2009

You Caught Me Love Dancin'

While I was thumbing through some of my records this weekend, I came across a bootlegged twelve-inch of Loose Joints' originally unreleased full-length version of "Is It All Over My Face". I realized that I had forgotten that I even owned this record. I immediately played the 1980 classic and was obviously blown away, almost recapturing the same great feeling I had when I first heard the female version of the track years ago. Now this wasn't my first time listening to this record or track, it just obviously had been a while and I definitely needed a refresher on how great of song this eleven-plus minute male vocal lead version is.

From the stories I've been told, this extended version of the track was the original version that Arthur Russell and Steve D'Aquisto, under the name Loose Joints, wrote and recorded before Mel Cheren of West End Records suggested replacing the lead vocals with a female singer. This version, which focuses more on free form instrumentation of horn arrangements and funky percussion, might not have the same dancefloor or club appeal that the A-side female version has, however it does have a unique groove that stands all by itself, providing a more sophisticated musical take on one of dance music's greatest songs.

Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face (Unreleased original full length version)

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Anonymous said...

Love this song.......had totally lost track of it since listening to it back when. Thanks for bringing all those quality memories back.

Rasmus said...

I only knew about the female-vocal version until now. I have to admit that I was never much of a fan of the vocals on that one, so this one is a pleasant surprise as the instrumental track is superb. The looser instrumentation on this one is also a huge plus!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a heap/love it

Anonymous said...

I came across this blog while researching Glulaminated timber technology for my upcoming Architecture exams. I havent done any study since... You ruined my life you bastard... This album cover is class/funny.. The tune is great... Kiss me again with Dinosaur is savage...

Scubmeister Ste.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this version of one of my favorite tracks.
Always find something very interesting on your blog. I love you Man!!!
Fabio from London

dsfdsf said...

This version is on the David Mancuso Loft Classic compilation. Great stuff here!
Featured as an edit with the female vocals version on edition #2 of my podcast!

Great post!