Friday, November 06, 2009


It's Friday and overcast/ rainy here in San Francisco which has put me in a low-key mood. The weather has put me in kind of a Afro-beat mood (Sorry to those that don't enjoy my Afro-beat posts), therefore I'm going to share one of my favorite cuts from Afro-beat legend Tony Allen. For those that aren't familiar with the legendary drummer, Allen was the drummer and musical director of Fela Kuti’s band Africa 70 from the late sixties up until the late seventies. For those wanting to get a good introduction, Vampi Soul records released an excellent compilation a couple years back entitled Afro Disco Beat that compiles many of Allen's best tracks including "Progress", "Afro-Disco Beat", "No Accomodation for Lagos", "Road Safety", and today's featured track "No Discrimination". "No Discrimination" was originally released back in the late 1970's under the group name Tony Allen and the Afro Messengers. When it comes to Afro-beat, most people think Fela Kuti, however it's hard not to include Tony Allen's name in that same sentence. Enjoy your weekend.

Tony Allen - No Discrimination

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daniel said...

I knew I spent hours on the Hype Machine going through the past fews days' posts because there would be a real gem in there. Thanks!

Oh, and the weather in Oakland is a little nicer today ; ]