Monday, December 14, 2009

Dance to the Freestyle Rhythm

First off, thanks for all the kind words towards my re-edits. Keep downloading them and keep playin'em! Like I said on Friday, I have plenty more to come, so keep checking back as I plan to add a bunch more between now and February. That being said, it's been a long day, therefore I think I'm going to try keep this post short. Here is a classic cut that doesn't need a lot of explanation in Mantus's late seventies cut "(Dance It) Freestyle Rhythm". The track was featured as a twelve-inch single and as a part of the group's debut LP Midnight Energy. Overall it's a solid disco gem that includes some of the best instrumental breaks you can find. Enjoy!

Mantus - (Dance It) Freestyle Rhythm

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QuarBy said...

thanks! another hot one. your blog is great.