Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Stache Soul Music

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been spending the last couple of months working on the next Cabana Disco (vol.04) release. One of the re-edits I'm considering releasing on the upcoming record is a recent edit I completed of Black Soul's Black Soul Music. The original is taken from the group's amazing 1977 self-titled LP, which was mixed by Tom Moulton. I've found that I've always enjoyed this track right up until the keyboard break, therefore I tried to create an edit that really focused more on the overall repeatitive groove that really helps drive the funky track. I'm not %100 percent certain it's going to make it on the next record, however it's definitely under consideration. I would really love to know what people think about the edit. Enjoy!

Black Soul - Black Soul Music (Pat Les Stache Edit)

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Paul said...

thanks really enjoyed this not familiar with OG and like the repetitive groove you achieved. intro reminded me of talking heads circa stop making sense at their funkiest.

David Gallin-Parisi said...

hot hot hot. i have a 12 inch of black brother by black soul - for some ridiculously stupid reason i didn't grab both copies when i had the chance to have doubles. i really enjoy the nah nah nah nah that often appears on their tracks.