Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Revolutionary Beats of Cuba

Over this past weekend, I was excited to pick up the first volume of the Waxing Deep Records' released Si, Para Usted compilation. The well-compiled collection of tracks that makes up the release, features rare and funky cuts from revolutionary-era Cuba. The double-vinyl record includes funky jazz and Latin flavoured cuts from groups and artists like Irakere, Los Reyes '73, Grupo Monumental, Jorge Reyes and Orquesta Riverside among many others. My favorite track on the compilation is probably the record's opener in "Son A Propulsion" by Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo, who is featured three times on the release. Overall, the first volume in the two part series of Si, Para Usted is a solid compilation that gives great insight into the music and artists during a very controversial period in Cuba. Enjoy

Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo - Son A Propulsion

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