Thursday, April 01, 2010

Prins Thomas Presents Prins Thomas

I recently had a chance to hear the new Prins Thomas full-length album, that is being released this week. With the Oslo native being one of my all-time favorite producers, I've been excited about this album ever since I heard it was in the making. Everything from his own productions and his collaborative work with space-disco mastermind Lindstrom to his brilliant re-edits, mixes, and classic Major Swellings releases, Thomas has been releasing some of the most amazing and cutting-edge music I've heard for the past decade. On his first solo full-length of original works, Thomas continues to set the bar even higher. The record features seven solid tracks that blend his signature cosmic and psychedelic sound with a lot of funky organic grooves. The prescence of live drums and other percussion are very relevant throughout the entire record. Some of my favorite tracks include "Wendy Not Walter", "Orkenvandring", "Nattonsket", and today's featured song "Uggebugg". With this new full-length album, Prins Thomas has not only released one of the best record's of the year, he has produced an absolute masterpeice. There is no doubt in my mind that this one record everyone should own. And with that, sit back and enjoy!

Prins Thomas - Uggebugg

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Anonymous said...

WORD!!! Very much looking forward to this release, (almost) everything this man touches turns to gold - especially his diskomiks' - perfect!