Monday, March 29, 2010

We Are The Africans

Today, I'm excited to share another re-edit track from the upcoming Cabana Disco Vol.4 release. Here we have the record's A-side cut, a re-working of Buari's 1975 African disco classic "Advice from Father". On this edit, I tried to ride the heavy Afro groove along with the chanting chorus's of the original, as well as continue with my ongoing experiments with subtle topical and animal sound effects. Overall, I think the edit, which was renamed "We Are The Africans", makes for a nice introduction into the rest of the twelve-inch release, which will feature two other edits including Chocolat's "African Choco" (Listen/Download here) and Black Soul's "Dakar Sound". The record should be out in stores worlwide starting at the end of April. As always, I would love to hear everyones feedback. Enjoy!

Buari - Advice From Father (Pat Les Stache Re-edit)

Purchase Cabana Disco Volumes 1 - 3 by visit this site.

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David Ballester said...

Shit! I love it!
My favourite Buari track has been spiced up. I can't wait to buy the 12" and make people dance to it...

Keep up the great work.

glamjacknyc said...

Brilliant work here!

CR said...

This is tight. keep up the good work.


Good Stuff!!!
Many Thanks

Pat Les Stache said...


Test pressing for Cabana Disco vol.04 came today! The record sounds great. I'm looking forward to everyone hearing it!

Anonymous said...

i've been slowly listening all the music you have been sharing, and while all yr edits are great, this one is particularly great. you ever dj in detroit?