Thursday, April 29, 2010

Go Away Little Girl

For today's featured track, Easy Going's "Go Away Little Girl", I first have to give credit to my former deejay partner Terry, aka H.M.A., for first introducing me to the track back when we used to put on Studio in Seattle. From the moment he dropped the twelve-inch single I became hooked and immediately went looking for a used copy of the same single. Unfortunately I quickly learned that the 1982 single was one of the group's most hard-to-find records as it never appeared on any of the group's full-length albums, therefore I was unsuccessful for at least a couple of years in finding a used copy. My luck, when it came to this specific single, recently changed when I found a used copy on Ebay for only ten dollars. I'm not a big Ebay shopper, rather preferring to take more pride in being a crate digger, however when you find a classic italo gem like this for such a great price it's basically impossible to pass up. Two years ago when I deejayed a large party in Paris I dropped a digital version of this funky gem and the crowd really loved every second of it. This July I'm going back to Paris and hopefully this time around I can do the same, this time with the original wax. Enjoy!

Easy Going - Go Away Little Girl

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1 comment:

Rob said...

good lord, i haven't heard this in at least 20 years. aces. thank you.