Monday, April 12, 2010

Jungle Riders

Starting the week off with a rare cut from Manu Dibango, titled "Jungle Riders". This heavy Afro funk track is included on Dibango's very rare 1972 album African Voodoo. Out of all of the saxophonist's numerous releases, African Voodoo might represent the hardest one to actually find. One of the reason's might be because Dibango's name doesn't appear on the cover of the album, with only a slight mention on the record's back cover. Also this was one of his few releases right before his classic signature Soul Makossa release, which happened later on in the same year. Some of the record's standout tracks include "Groovy Flute", "African Pop Session", "Aphrodite Shake", and of course today's featured track "Jungle Riders". Overall, African Voodoo is a solid Afro funk record that finds Dibango at the early stages of finding his "makossa style" identity and a great collector's item for fans of the legendary musician. Enjoy the ride!

Manu Dibango - Jungle Riders

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