Monday, April 05, 2010

Orlando's Afro Sound

Here is one of the many great tracks by Orlando Julius, titled "Home Sweet Home". This early seventies Afro-funk cut has been featured most recently on a couple of great compilations that have paid tribute to the Nigerian artist including Soundway's Orlando's Afro Ideas: 1969 -1972 and Vampi Soul's triple-vinyl retrospective titled Super Afro Soul. For those whom may not be as familiar, Orlando Julius has been credited with basically inventing the "Afro Funk" sound of the late sixties and early seventies. He has been one of African music's biggest contributors and notable artists, alongside Fela Kuti, Tony Allen, Manu Dibango, and perhaps Hugh Masekela. The funky "Home Sweet Home" track, just represents one of his many standout songs that this legendary artist wrote in his very prolific and influential music career. Enjoy!

Orlando Julius - Home Sweet Home

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