Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Steve Reid (1944 - 2010)

Legendary jazz drummer Steve Reid sadly passed away last Tuesday (April 13, 2010) at the age of sixty-six. I sit here writing this wishing I can say that I've been enjoying Reid's brilliant music and recordings for years now, however unfortunately I've only just recently gotten into the experimental jazz musician. And even though I'm still very new to the music that he wrote and composed, I can quickly see how groundbreaking he was for jazz and experimental music. Albums like Nova, Rhythmatism, and Odyssey Of The Oblong Square, which were originally released in the mid-to-late seventies sound well ahead of there time as they blend together funky jazz fusion grooves with experimental electronics and arrangements. In his later years, he continued with his experimentation with electronic music and that led him to teaming up with one of the genre's finest in Kieran Hebden, whom some might better know as Four Tet. The two released a series of solid records titled The Exchange Sessions which combined Hebden's electronics with Reid's free-jazz indulged signature percussion sound. One of my favorite releases of Reid's was his 2007 album Daxaar, which was recorded in Africa by a group he put together, that also included Hebden, called the Steve Reid Ensemble. When it comes to this American jazz artist, there is plenty of songs, albums, recordings, and performances to discuss and admire, however being someone who has only recently been introduced to his music I would like to sit back and just enjoy his work. The day he died I was saddened by the fact that I never saw him perform and that it took me so long to be introduced to his music. That being said, the great thing about music is that even though artists live and die, the music that they wrote gets left behind for everyone to enjoy. When it comes to Steve Reid's music, it's safe to say that future generations will definitely enjoy for years to come. Here is to you Steve Reid, for a great life and brilliant music career. You will be surely missed.

Steve Reid - Lions of Judah

Steve Reid Ensemble - Daxaar

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Our music loses another shining light...