Monday, April 19, 2010

The Disco Sound of André Gagnon

During the mid-seventies as disco was becoming the upcoming hot new sound, song writer and composer André Gagnon "jumped on the wagon", as many artists did at the time, and experimented with the genre. During this experimental time, Gagnon wrote a few solid instrumental disco tracks including "Ta Samba", "Surprise", an my personal favorite "Wow". A couple of the songs were included on his 1975 album Neiges, however all of the tracks appeared as twelve and seven inch singles. I recently found a used copy of the London Disco released "Surprise" twelve, which also features "Wow" on the B-Side. This was one of the few releases that Gagnon went under the slightly more descriptive alias The Disco Sound Of Andre Gagnon which I can imagine was mostly meant for marketing purposes. Regardless, this was a record I had been looking to find for quite sometime and was very excited to have found it for a very cheap price of two dollars. Overall, I can't say that I can vouch for most of André Gagnon's music, however for a coupe of releases during the mid-seventies, he definitely released a few solid disco singles worth owning.

André Gagnon - Wow

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