Friday, May 21, 2010

Every Time I See That Woman

It's Friday so let's keep it simple and sweet with the disco classic "Woman" from one of my all-time favorite groups in Barrabas. Going through the archive pages of this site, I was very shocked to find that I've never featured this song in a post until now. The song "Woman", was a huge Loft and Gallery classic back in the early to late seventies, and is probably the most recognized song from all of the group's releases. The track has that overall signature Barrabas sound, blending elements of disco, rock, and Latin instrumentation together to produce one of the most influential and played songs of the seventies. Enjoy your weekend!

Barrabas - Woman

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professor Eddy said...

This is so good, because in a way it isn't a disco track at all. Other examples of this very nice rock/dance style are 'Why did you do it' by Stretch and 'Play that funky music' by Wild Cherry. Keep on going, Pat!

Pat Les Stache said...

Yeah, I completely agree with you Eddy. Barrabas were probably more of a Latin rock band than a disco group. I think this song and album really shaped their sound going forward. Every record became more and more dancefloor driven.

I love The Stretch track. I've been trying to hunt that record down for years without any luck. Hopefully sometime in the near future I will find a used copy. I love a good rock driven' disco song!