Monday, May 24, 2010

You Need a Change of Mind

Let's start the week right where we left off last week with another Loft and Gallery classic in "Girl You Need A Change Of Mind" by Eddie Kendricks. This funky soulful disco gem was originally released on the ex-Temptations' 1972 solo album People... Hold On. The seven-plus minute track was one of the singer's most defining moments, making a name for himself, not just as a former Temptation member, but as a solo recording artist. As already mentioned, the song also went on to be a crowd favorite at both The Loft and The Gallery during the seventies. Overall, it's a classic song that started a string of great disco and soul songs released by Kendricks throughout that decade. Enjoy!

Eddie Kendricks - Girl You Need a Change of Mind

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patrick bryant said...

This song figures heavily in Alice Echols' Hot Stuff book, which I'm devouring now, for its status as proto-disco classic and anti-feminist backlash. Thanks for posting!

Milllsie said...

there are two cracking cover versions of this, one by Paris and another by Paul Lewis, bothe worth investigating

professor Eddy said...

According to some the first disco track ever because of the break! Don't forget to listen to the instrumental version of it by Brooklyn Express, which is very nice as well. It's called 'You need a change of mind' (no girl in the title).

Pat Les Stache said...

I love the Brooklyn Express instrumental version. I might try post that soon so that people can compare the two.