Monday, June 07, 2010

The Monkey Funk You Down

I thought I would start off the week with one of my favorite tracks from the legendary funk band Mandrill titled "Funky Monkey". This heavy-hitting disco-funk gem was released off the group's 1977 full-length album We Are One. When it comes to Mandrill, personally they can be a bit hit-and-miss with their music. I tend to enjoy tracks like "Funky Monkey" that have a bit more of an uptempo dancefloor feel. That being said, there are plenty of tracks that I enjoy by the Brooklyn based group like "Hang Loose", "Can You Get It", and "Lord Of The Golden Baboon" to name a few. Overall however, "Funky Monkey" is the song I tend to enjoy the most with it's huge upbeat Afro-funk influenced sound. I would have liked to have seen the group move more in that direction, especially during their latter albums during the late seventies. Regardless, it's a classic cut from one of funk music's most notable groups. Enjoy!

Mandrill - Funky Monkey

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soulie said...

That's a heavy hitter.