Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boogie Bleue

When it comes to rare African disco, it seems like one of the hardest records to hunt down is John Ozila's 1979 LP Boogie Salsa. This record contains the classic gem "Funky Boogie", which was re-edited a numerous times last year by a number of deejays and producers including the version I put together that made it's way onto the third volume of Cabana Disco under the name "Chant N Boogie". In fact, "Funky Boogie" has been such a classic African boogie gem that is has led to the overshadowing of another great track that is featured on the late seventies album. This funky cut titled "L'Orange Bleue" is the records final track and probably represents the record's most uptempo and cosmic sounding song, featuring a huge emphasis on synths and background arpeggio rhythms to go along with the songs repetitive vocal chants. I'm not here to say that "Funky Boogie" isn't a classic African disco song that doesn't deserves the prime attention that it receives, however I am here to shed some light on another outstanding track, in "L'Orange Bleue", that makes hunting down the entire full-length album a lifelong task for all of us African disco enthusiasts. Enjoy!

John Ozila - L'Orange Bleue

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Anonymous said...

LUV THIS !!!!!

Chaz J said...

Great - Love the "Capri" on the cover!!!