Thursday, August 12, 2010

Music For Dancefloors

Last night on KALX, I played a couple of tracks off one of my favorite compilations in Music For Dancefloors: The Cream Of The Chappell Music Library Sessions. This amazing compilation was released by Strut back in 2001, and features an incredible assortment of music taken from the renowned Chappell Music Library. Focusing on the archives of the sixties and seventies, the compilation brings forth many of the more funky and cosmic tracks from the Chappell's collection including Paul Dupont & His Orchestra's "Rainbow Bridge", Ensemble Rager Roger's "Afro-Beat/ Afro-Syn", Keith Mansfield's "Blockbuster", and Stringtronics' "Safari Park" among many others. As with most decent library music, there is plenty of great percussion breaks and sampling material to go around. Overall, with library music becoming more expensive and harder to find, a compilation series like Music For Dancefloors becomes absolutely essential to any record collection. Here is one of my favorite tracks from this compilation, and a song I'm currently re-editing in Irving Martin & Brian Dee's 1980 cosmic disco gem "Indianapolis 2". Enjoy!

Irving Martin & Brian Dee - Indianapolis 2

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the saucer people said...

Excellent News! You are re-editing probably my favourite track off the Strut interested to hear what you have done with it, I really liked Richard Sen/Bronx Dogs re-edit of the track though it did lose that laid-back cosmic vibe slightly...anyway, I hope your loyal readers will get a sneak preview ;)