Friday, August 13, 2010

Safari Love

During this summer's trip to Paris, I met and deejayed with a number of great people. One of those individuals was Matthieu Gazier, who runs the French label Ekleroshock. We got a chance to hangout a little bit and share some music while deejaying together at the Tape Bar. One of the tracks he played was Resonance's 1974 tropical disco gem "Safari Love". I pretty much fell in love with this track from the song's opening minute, with the song nicely blending together animal and jungle sound effects alongside some funky instrumental grooves and repetitive vocal chants. It's safe to say that since I've gotten back to the states, hunting down the track, which was originally released as a seven-inch single, has been a high priority. I also came to later find that the song was also included on the group's 1975 album O.K. Chicago. Overall, it's a great tropical disco cut that I was very happy to be introduced to while hanging out in Paris. Enjoy!

Resonance - Safari Love

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the saucer people said...

No comments yet for Resonance's Safari Love track? Have people lost their freakin' souls? This is just deliriously cool with such an infectious rhythm and the "jungle" sound effects are the icing on the afro-cake! Huge kudos to you for sharing this with us and of course high praise to Monsieur Gazier for the original diggin'.