Monday, August 16, 2010

Africa Boogaloo

Late last year, Honest Jons Records released one of my favorite African compilations in Africa Boogaloo: The Latinization of West Africa. This funky compilation focuses on the African music that was heavily influenced by the Calypso sounds that were coming out of the Caribbean and Latin America. In contrast to some of the more Afrobeat and psychedelic compilations, this record has a more overall laid back tropical feel to it much like Soundway's recent Tumbele! compilation release. Some of th record's highlights include Orchestre OK Jazz's "A Moins Que Namikosa", Charles Lembe 's "Quiero Wapacha", Orchestre Baobab's "On Verra Ca", and my personal favorite track "Abigbedoto" by Gnonnas Pedro. Overall, Africa Boogaloo is a great compilation featuring many rare gems that help shed light on this unique blending of African, Latin, and Caribbean music. I highly recommend picking up this record, putting it on, and listening to it as you enjoy a nice cold pitcher of Sangria. Enjoy!

Gnonnas Pedro - Abigbedoto

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