Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Sounds of Jungle Music

It's safe to say that Strut Records has been very busy recently releasing some of the year's best albums and compilations. Their hot streak continues as one of the summer's most highly anticipated releases in Walter Gibbons' first multi-label retrospective tilted Jungle Music (which was first discussed on this blog back in late May-See 'Jungle Music') has started to makes it's way to record shops, with an official release being August 17th. This retrospective sheds light on some of Gibbons' best work, as he became a fixture in the studio while setting the blueprint for all disco twelve-inch mixes. Some of the album's highlights include Dinosaur L's "Go Bang", Jakki's "Sun... Sun... Sun...", Arthur Russell's "Calling All Kids", Gladys Knight's "It's A Better Than Good Time", Bettye Lavette's "Doin' The Best That I Can", and Double Exposure's disco classic "Ten Percent" among many others. It's hard to capture the brilliance of Gibbons' legendary music accomplishments in just one release, however Strut has done an impressive job of recapturing some of the magic and musical genuineness that was Walter Gibbons. Enjoy!

Gladys Knight - It's Better Than A Good Time (Walter Gibbons Mix)

You can purchase Walter Gibbons' Jungle Music by Clicking Here
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Anders Olofson said...

your blog makes it just a little bit more wonderful to live. hope you continue for ever more to pound on this beautiful beats in some kind of way.
god bless or maby more like hell yeah!

the saucer people said...

The Jungle Music album has been on constant rotation "at my crib" if thats the correct freakin' genius and judging by what little I know of his life it would make a fascinating story...someone should tell Tim Lawrence to get onto it!