Thursday, September 23, 2010

African Rhythms & Blues

Here is one of my favorite cuts from the African jazz group Mombasa. This funky gem, titled "Nairobi", was originally released on the group's 1975 album African Rhythms & Blues, which features a number of other great African-flavored jazz and funk cuts. If you find yourself enjoying tracks like "Nairobi", I also highly recommend checking out the group's follow-up album "African Rhythms & Blues 2", which features the classic Afro-funk cut "African Hustle". Both albums have a wealth of great music, bringing together elements of jazz, funk, and traditional African music. On tracks like "Nairobi", we can certainly see why Mombasa was one of the defining African jazz groups of the seventies. Enjoy!

Mombasa - Nairobi

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