Friday, September 24, 2010

A Story of Survival

Let's end the week with one of my favorite cuts from Mandingo, titled "The Headhunter". This track, which seems to resemble their version of "Soul Makossa" was released on the Mandingo III: A Story Of Survival album. Even though Mandingo sounds like a group that hailed from Africa, they actually where a studio project made up by a batch of British musicians and library music composers and writers. They released a number of great Afro-funk records during the seventies including notable albums like Savage Rite, The Primeval Rhythm Of Life, Sacrifice, and of course Mandingo III. Songs like "The Headhunter" really help capture the overall essence and sound of this well-crafted studio project that always seemed to produce quality African and exotic themed funk gems. Enjoy!

Mandingo - The Headhunter

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Deltaman said...

Its just like Manu's Soul Makossa, not original unfortunately, but interesting none the less

Deltaman said...

Manu Dibango Soul Makossa, that's what it is.