Friday, September 17, 2010

Get Up, Stand Up

Well it's safe to say I'm not a big fan of Bob Marley's music. That being said, I totally respect him as an artist and what he means to reggae music, however his music is certainly not my cup of tea as they say. However, the reason I bring him and his music up is because in 1976 a disco group called The Chequers did an amazing cover of Marley's song "Get Up, Stand Up". This very funky track was featured on the group's hard-to-find album Check Us Out, which features other gems like Undecided Love and Check It Out (At The Disco). This record has become a much sought after album by both vinyl collectors and disco enthusiasts, and in my opinion, is well worth the costly price that it generally goes for. Here is just one of the many brilliant moments from this incredible record. Enjoy!

The Chequers - Get Up, Stand Up

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. Totally amazing track.

Don Volcano said...

love this version, always gets people going! never heard anyone else play it before in NYC at least.

John said...

I really share your love for this gem! That's the kind of deep moody funky disco I can never get enough.

glamjacknyc said...

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

Tannu said...

Yeeeeah! Dont forget to Check my Blog! Funny Pictures and Stuff:P

Keith D said...

I think we have a copy of that in the loft as my uncle was Dave James who was once the producer and manager.

When I was a lad in the seventies we used to go round band members Ritchie and Johnny Mathias's house in Aylesbury some weekends

How much is that album worth do you think?

Best Wishes

Keith D Mains

Pat Les Stache said...

Probably goes for about $30-40. Would you billing to sell it?