Monday, September 13, 2010

New York City Dream

Today I thought I would go ahead and share the song that I get the most requests to feature in Black Diamond's rare disco gem "New York City Dream". This hi-energy track was featured on the group's 1978 self-titled album, which was released off of the French label Carrere. The album was produced by notable disco producer Luigi Ojival and featured lead vocals by Tara Schaft. Overall, "New York City Dream" is a great uptempo disco track that's beautifully primed for those peaking hours on a dancefloor. Enjoy!

Black Diamond - New York City Dream

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Anonymous said...

As much as i love the stuff from the 70s i had never heard this in my dance days back in the U.K.
It was however after hearing the TOM SAVARESE studio 54 cd series that i became hooked on it.
And now after years of asking nd yes pestering people (as your good self)to post it,i obtained a copy.
In short great post Pat.


Anonymous said...

Pat i now have the LP if you want a copy leave a reply,


ps the others who wanted Disco should be leaving more comments as well.

fritz the cat said...

brilliant track