Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Step On, Don't Be Afraid

First off, I wanted to remind everyone that tonight is another rendition of Grow Up at the Madrone Lounge (Click Here for more info). This should be a really fun night, therefore I hope to see a nice showing from all the bay area folks.

Now onto the music. Here is a funky Afro Boogie gem titled "Step On" by Harry Mosco. This track was originally released during the late seventies on Mosco's Peace & Harmony album, and then later made it's way onto his 1982 record Sugar Cane Baby. The track was also recently included on Kon & Amir superb compilation Kon & Amir Present Off Track Volume III: Brooklyn. Overall, "Step On" is a great track that blurs the lines between African funk and disco boogie. Enjoy!

Harry Mosco - Step On

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Anonymous said...

new one on me and i really enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

this is such a groove!! thanks!!