Friday, October 22, 2010

Plug Me To Death

Quick reminder that this Saturday night is a very special Grow Up party at Madrone. The night will feature special guest deejay and balearic disco mastermind Sorcecer. It should be a really fun night, so I hope to see everyone! To find out more about the party, check out the Facebook event page.

Now on to the music...

Here is one of my favorite tracks by the Erotic Drum Band in "Plug Me To Death". This funky percussion disco gem is the title track from the group's 1978 album, which was released off of Prism Records. Throughout the entire record, each track features a heavy dose of solid percussion breaks and grooves. The record can also arguably serve as a good source for sampling material. Regardless if you use this record for production or for pleasure, Plug Me To Death is a solid record and one that every disco collector should own. Enjoy!

Erotic Drum Band - Plug Me To Death

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professor Eddy said...

Best name for a band ever! ;-)

Anonymous said...

who sampled who??