Monday, October 25, 2010

Livin' In a Small World Disco

Over the last year, a number of great re-edit twelves have been released by the label Small World Disco. This re-edit series has featured some solid edits from some up-and-coming re-edit masterminds including LTJ, Nicholas, Memory Man, and many others. Here is one of my favorite edits from the label in "The Wild Wild", which is a re-working of Barrabas' early seventies Latin Funk classic "Wild Safari". This edit was released back in May on the labels fifth release and was put together by someone who goes under the alias The Ivory Boy. I highly recommend checking out this release as well as all of the label's releases, as they continue to put out quality records. Enjoy!

Barrabas - Wild Safari (The Ivory Boy Re-edit)

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1 comment:

Tal said...

LTJ is the kind of cleverly quantized edits. I buy everything that cat makes.