Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The African Sounds of 'Love and Death'

When it comes to Record labels, there might not be a label having a better year than Strut Records, as they have continued to release quality compilations and albums throughout the year. The label's most recent release titled Love and Death by Ghanaian music legend Ebo Taylor certainly continues along that same stream of quality releases. The album Love and Death, which features a heavy dose of funky Afrobeat grooves, is Taylor's first international studio album release in over 20 years. After a growing interest in Taylor's earlier recordings from the seventies thanks to a series of compilations recently put out by labels like Soundway Records and Analog Africa, Taylor has decided to take this opportunity to as he called it "Advance the cause of Afrobeat music". On his new album Love and Death, Taylor achieves this goal by including new versions of classics like "Victory" and "Love and Death" alongside new compositions like "Kwame" and "Nga Nga". Overall, Love and Death is an amazing album that sounds like a lost masterpiece that has recently been re-discovered from the early seventies, which in my opinion is a good thing. With that being said, I highly recommend picking up this new album, which now can arguably considered the latest chapter in Afrobeat music. Enjoy!

Ebo Taylor - Nga Nga

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