Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I apologize for the lack of pure disco lately. I know that the foundation of this blog was pretty much built on that genre, however the music that I have truly been gravitating towards lately has been African, Latin, and jazz music. Disco will always be where my heart is, however I hope to continue to expand this blog's platform as my own music boundaries continue to evolve and mature. As this blog continues to grow and go through more changes, I hope everyone continues to enjoy the music.

Here is an amazing African jazz gem titled "Mercy (Variation No. 1)" from the group Demon Fuzz. This track, which has a bit of an Afro-funk groove, was originally released in 1970 off the group's only album Afreaka. Demon Fuzz was one of those group's that during the time of their actual existence, they received very little support or praise. The group just seemed to be too far ahead of it's time and therefore broke-up 18 months after their only full-length release. However, over time Afreaka has gotten it's proper due and become one of the most sought after albums by deejays, producers, and record collectors. The album was recently reissued, which has also helped make the group's phenomenal music more accessible to new generations of listeners. It's always nice to see a group like Demon Fuzz and all their music brilliance finally receive the credit that they rightfully deserve. Enjoy!

Demon Fuzz - Mercy (Variation No. 1)

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Anonymous said...

I know I'm probably swimming against the stream of most of the readership here, but I really dig the latin, afro-funk, and tropical tracks. Keep a few on tap going forward. ;)


jogebhardt@aol.com said...

Pat, do what you feel! I have a lot of respect for your wide ranging music love.
(But I can't refrain from mentioning that I miss the brilliant disco stuff that you came up with so often earlier:)

Klas from Stockholm said...

I love that you're mixing it up a bit and shows us all the music you like and not just disco (even though I love disco, of course. In other words: keep it up!