Monday, November 29, 2010

Cocaine Blues

First off, I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break. I certainly had a nice one, receiving some much needed time off and rest. Now that I'm feeling a bit more rejuvenated I thought I would share the latest single "Cocaine Blues" by the Brooklyn disco group Escort. This new twelve-inch release marks the first single the group has released in three years. On this new track, the group loosely remakes Dillinger's 1976 reggae cut "Cocaine in My Brain", borrowing some of the original song's melodies while incorporating their own signature disco/boogie sound to the song's overall arrangement. Riff City recently did a really interesting interview with Escort's Dan Balis and Eugene Cho that really dives deeper into the development of "Cocaine Blues" and the thought process behind reworking specific melodies and rhythms into their own original material. Along with that interview, I highly recommend checking out the group's new single. The record continues along the same brilliance that brought us Love In Indigo, Starlight, A Bright New Life, and All Through The Night. I'm just hoping that we won't have to wait another three years before we hear the next classic! Enjoy!

Escort - Cocaine Blues
(Sorry! This track is no longer available for download)

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Ace said...

already bought the single but thanks anyway. This is a great track!

soulie said...

The Dillenger tune was covered too by Linton Kwesi Johnson a sort of Rasta poet who toured a lot back in the day with the British Reggae band Steel Pulse (check out Hansworth revolution LP title track and ku klux klan).
This version you've just posted is top notch,and has really got that 70s vibe.