Monday, November 22, 2010

Good, Good Feelin'

In the upcoming new Waxpoetics issue (See a Sneak Peak of Issue 44 Here), one of the many group's that will be featured is the legendary funk band War. With the new issue's release approaching, I thought that this would be a good time to post one of my favorite War songs in "Good, Good Feelin'". This funky gem was released in 1979 off the group's The Music Band album. Overall, the Southern California funk band has written a number of solid tracks throughout the seventies, however their might not be a song more primed for the dancefloor than this late seventies gem. Enjoy!

War - Good, Good Feelin'

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Anonymous said...

oh yes! OH YES! Thanks for this - somewhere in a crate I have Deliver The Word LP & another one (green cover - forget the name) haven't listened to them in at least 15-20 years...think I might have to drag them out tomorrow - though you are right, don't recall any of there stuff being this 'up' & frenetic!

Anonymous said...

A great tune this,when i hear this i think of lasso - lasso sq (are you ready) i don't know why,or maybe i do thier both uptempo floor fillers.


Bobby Nova said...

Nice selection - this group have so many killer cuts 'hidden' on LP's....check out "Sing a Happy Song" from "Youngblood" soundtrack.