Thursday, December 23, 2010

Long Gone

It's been awhile since I posted anything from Prins Thomas, and with the Norwegian producer being one of my favorite artists, I thought I would post a re-edit he did this year of D.I.T.'s (aka Destiny In Time Band) 1981 disco cut "Long Gone". The funky re-edit was featured on a twelve-inch single released by Chicago's Past Due Records that featured a number of the group's previously released material. Other tracks featured on the record include "Dance", "Get It Together", and the original version of "Long Gone". Even though I find that this record has been a bit of a "sleeper", I feel it's one of this year's strongest twelve-inch releases. I highly recommend snatching up a copy of the twelve, before you get stuck throwing down a hefty price for the original. Plus, Prins Thomas' re-edit is a nice added bonus that doesn't exist on the original release. Point of the story...Don't sleep!

You can purchase the twelve-inch single by Clicking Here.

D.I.T. - Long Gone (Prins Thomas Re-edit)

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A Very Merry Christmas to you and you family.