Friday, December 03, 2010

Oh No...Not The Beast Day

Let's end the week on a high note with one of my favorite tracks of all-time in "(Oh, No! Not) The Beast Day" by Marsha Hunt's 22. This Afro-funk gem was released as a seven-inch single back in 1973. The funky track never made it's way onto any of Marsha Hunt's albums, and it represents just one of two singles that were released under the "Marsha Hunt's 22" name. As time has gone on, the original seven-inch single has become a much sought after item among many record collectors. Even though the funky track is a bit of a departure from Hunt's other soul and disco material, "(Oh, No! Not) The Beast Day" is an Afro-funk gem well worth being included on any record collector's wishlist. Enjoy your weekend!

Marsha Hunt's 22 - (Oh, No! Not) The Beast Day

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Unknown said...

so god damn good